The Historical Journey of Slot Machines

The Term “Slot Machine” comes from the slot used to insert and retrieve currency. Slot machines also have 3 or more reels, which create a certain combination and depending on the combination a player gets the pay.

The Starting Point

The history of slot machines dates back to 1887. The first slot machine was an idea of the Charles Fey. This man from San Francisco came up with the idea of the slot machines with three spinning reels. The reels had a total of five symbols- Diamonds, Horseshoes, Spades, Liberty Bell and a Heart. The machine was named after the symbol liberty bell. It became a huge hit in the market and people loved it as it presented a realistic chance of winning.

Symbols And The History

Many early machines like Trade Stimulator used to give away prizes in the form of fruit flavoured chewing gums. The symbols on those machines replicated the flavour of the chewing gums. The famous cherry and melon symbols used in modern machines are derived from those old concepts. The common Bar Symbol is also derived from the logo of Bell-Fruit Gum Company. In those times, houses used fruits as prizes to avoid violation of law.

The Video Slot Machine

Video slot machines are a big reason for the current popularity of slot machines. It was first developed by Kearny Mesa. This citizen of California loved slot games and he was working for a gambling house (Fortune Coin Co) in Las Vegas. The machine first came into the market in 1978 and it used 19 inch Sony display to elaborate slot machine function. After some tests and demon run it was certified by the Nevada State Gaming Commission. It was an instant hit in Las Vegas and the slot machine technology and the Fortune Coin Co both were bought by the International Gaming Technology in the same year, 1978.

A Controversial Journey

The journey of the slot machine has always been quite controversial. Many people have accused it as addictive and harmful. This is why these machines are still banned in many countries. There have also been allegations that slot machines are coded by the house to favour them. The good thing is after all such controversies slot machines are still going strong and it is by far the most popular casino game.

The Future

The future of the slot machine is quite bright and it is thanks to the online platform. Popular casinos like Captain Cooks Casino, Zodiac Casino, and Luxury Casino are making it widely popular among common people with their user-friendly interface and useful bonus offers.